Denture Alternatives

Published by The Advanced Institute for Oral Health

Today, the technology for patients needing dentures is evolving fast. And that’s outstanding news!

One way it has evolved is in the field of dental implants. Today, many denture wearers have the option of wearing dental implant-secured snap-in dentures, or overdentures. This means they can once again smile, talk, chew, and laugh with confidence.

What are Snap in Dentures?

Though snap-in dentures are also referred to as snap-on dentures, they are not the snap-on smiles you may have read about online. Rather, snap-in dentures are essentially denture implants. They are very similar to traditional dentures but have been modified to literally snap into two or more dental implants that have been embedded into the bone of your jaw.

Snap-In Denture Benefits

For the bottom arch, snap-in dentures eliminate the “swimming” or floating issue many traditional denture wearers complain about. It secures the denture in place so that there is no movement when you eat, chew, laugh, cough, or talk. This increases confidence and allows you to smile more freely. More importantly, it eliminates the pain associated with a bottom denture that moves around when chewing.

When secured with a dental implant, the top denture offers its own set of benefits well worth considering. First, the denture itself can be much smaller, without the need for the acrylic to extend over the palate of the mouth. This one factor makes it easier to speak while wearing dentures, reduces the gagging sensation many people experience while wearing top dentures, and allows for an improved sense of taste.

Snap-in dentures are also easy to maintain. The price point makes them much more affordable than traditional dental implants, but the quality of life benefits make them a very worthwhile decision for anyone currently dissatisfied with the stability of their dentures – bottom dentures in particular.

What You Need to Know about Dental Implants

Before you make your final decision, it’s a wise idea to consult with your periodontist. Getting dental implants is a big decision and one you shouldn’t make without a consultation, especially to see if your bone health is sufficient to handle implants or mini-implants (which are often used in conjunction with snap-in dentures).

Additionally, you should consider the quality of your existing dentures. High-quality dentures can often be easily converted into snap-in overdentures. If you’ve been wearing economy dentures, on the other hand, you’ll want to invest in premium snap-in dentures instead. People who are the happiest with snap-in dentures are typically those who have been wearing dentures and had the opportunity to grow accustomed to them. The differences between the two, in terms of confidence and fit, are night and day.

People who have never worn dentures, though, and are still contemplating their dental implant options may be more interested in a fixed bridge implant, as they often have the bone density necessary for this type of procedure.

It’s wise to first get the facts about dentures. Dr. Michael Skinner and Dr. Jason Primm are some of the best periodontists in the U.S. Visit the leading periodontist in Nashville TN to help you make an informed decision about the right types of dentures for your smile, lifestyle, expectations, budget, and needs. Dentures, like many other things in life, are not one size fits all products. Just as you need to measure dentures for your unique and individual mouth, you need to take the time to discover whether or not snap in dentures are a good fit for your smile. Call us today to schedule a new smile consultation!

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