Bone Grafting in Brentwood, Franklin & Nashville

Dr. Primm’s primary objective is to save as many of your natural teeth as possible or make it easy for you to replace any lost teeth and retain the greatest level of use. Placing a dental implant requires a certain quantity and quality of jawbone. If your jawbone isn’t dense enough or the bone is too soft, grafting may be necessary to ensure the success of your implants or other restorations.

Dr. Primm now has the ability to grow bone where it has been lost around your teeth. This allows us to more effectively restore esthetic appearance and functionality. New biologically active gels and growth factors help stimulate and enhance bone growth so that we can help your body re-grow bone that is lost. Time and time again, we have helped save certain teeth that would otherwise have been lost with a bone graft.

How Bone Grafting Works

Bone Grafting Process Chart

In situations where significant bone loss has occurred, patients may not be candidates for placement of dental implants unless the bone is regained. Dr. Primm utilizes a variety of bone building techniques to regain this bone depending on the location and the severity of the bone loss. The various techniques may include:

Bone grafts are minor procedures that can be done under local anesthesia.

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