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Dental Implant Exam

Dr. Primm is a periodontist, a specialist that treats diseases of the supporting structures of teeth including the gums and jawbone. He uses state-of-the-art technology to provide minimally invasive dental implant placement for single, multiple or full arch of teeth that need replacing, or to stabilize or replace implant dentures. For multiple teeth, he can use just a few implants to support a bridge, implant dentures or new set of permanent teeth.

To effectively and comfortably combat gum disease, Dr. Primm uses the most advanced laser available in dentistry. If you are suffering from receding gums, he can quickly treat this using a very minimally invasive procedure he developed. He can also expertly recontour your gumline to remove excess gum tissue or to even your gum out.

Friendly, Personalized Care

We treat our patients as individuals, not numbers, at our practice. Dr. Primm will customize his treatment to fit your specific needs. We will also make sure you are comfortable at all times, including the appropriate sedation, if needed.


Natural-Looking and Durable Dental Implants

Dr. Jason Primm, DDS - Periodontist
Dr. Primm uses a 3D X-ray system for accurate, efficient and comfortable implant treatment.

Dental ImplantsDr. Primm uses the latest technology to provide strong, stable, lifelike and long-lasting new teeth with dental implants. Using the data collected with our 3D X-ray system, he can plan the implant placement ahead of time to ensure that it is minimally invasive and causes little to no postoperative discomfort. His experience and advanced training in dental implant surgery enables him to provide quick and efficient implant placement and competent treatment of even the most complex cases.

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Advanced Institute for Oral Health | Dr. Jason Primm

Five-Year Implant Treatment Warranty!

We stand by our work and offer an unprecedented five-year warranty on our implant treatment. Our success rates are so predictable that we can confidently state that your implant will remain healthy and function well for at least five years, or we will fix it for free.

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Replace decaying, unattractive teeth or implant dentures with beautiful new teeth!

Eddie, Testimonial for All on 4 Dental Implants

“Getting All-on-4 truly changed my life. I no longer have pain, and now I can eat like I have natural teeth again.” – Eddie

All on 4 Dental ImplantsWith All-on-4®, Dr. Primm can provide you with full arches of new teeth in a one-day procedure in one office. This fast and efficient treatment provides life-changing results using just four implants per arch. Bone grafting is typically not needed with All-on-4, and Dr. Primm makes sure your procedure is comfortable and affordable.

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Beautiful, Healthy Gums

Dr. Primm is an expert in all types of gum treatment. He can eradicate your gum disease comfortably using dentistry’s most advanced laser. He uses his own minimally invasive procedure to treat receding gums quickly and successfully. Dr. Primm can also effectively fix a gummy smile or recontour an uneven gumline.

Laser Gum Disease Treatment
Minimally invasive gum recession treatment
Fix a gummy smile or uneven gumline

Advanced Institute for Oral Health | Dr. Jason Primm
Advanced Institute for Oral Health | Dr. Jason Primm

Patient Testimonial

“I came to see Dr. Primm with exposed tooth roots that were causing some sensitivity. He and his staff eased my worries and gave me a wonderful experience. They made sure to answer all of my concerns and eased my fears. They were accommodating, kind and communicative through every step of the process, even during the procedure. It really made me feel comfortable and cared for.

“Dr. Primm is personable, explained everything clearly and has a great chairside manner.

“If you or your friends need an oral procedure, definitely call Dr. Primm! He’s the best!”

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