Out Of Town Patients

Education, Training, Experience

If you’ve been researching for an exceptional dental implant surgeon, or have had previous surgical opinions, you already know that Dr. Primm is unique in their field. We offer an unprecedented 5 year dental implant warranty. The cost of travel and lodging is minimal when compared to the peace of mind that comes with that type of assurance for success.

Educated patients will recognize that a doctor with minimal training cannot perform complex surgical procedures as well as a doctor with extensive and credible training. Some dentists that advertise dental implants are only general dentists that have taken weekend course work on implant surgery. The profession refers to them as the “weekend warrior” because of their insufficient education, and false courage to perform complex surgery with minimal training and limited experience. They simply cannot compare to a residency trained, board certified, surgical specialist that performs multiple implant surgeries every day.

Many patients from around the country and some from around the world have made the trip to have their surgery performed by Dr. Primm. Just give us a call and we will be able to help you with air travel as well as lodging while you are visiting with us. With our 5 year dental implant warranty, it’s well worth the trip!