DNA & Bacterial Identification

DNS & Bacterial Identification 3d illustration of a multicolored neon light-like twisted DNA strand made of glass and metal.

DNA Testing for accurate antibiotic treatment

Sometimes invasive bacteria can get inside the tissues of your mouth in addition to lodging on your tooth roots and bone. In these cases, nonsurgical treatment can’t reach the bacteria and antibiotics are needed to clear them out.

The Advanced Institute for Oral Health was one of the first offices to use DNA testing in order to properly identify the bacteria infecting gum disease patients. Since not all patients develop the same species of bacteria, DNA testing is an essential diagnostic tool that enables Dr. Primm to determine the specific bacteria that are present in your gum disease and the most effective antibiotic to use for your individual case.

The DNA sampling is quick, painless and crucial in helping to restore your full oral health. Without the focus given by the test, there’s a poor chance of selecting the correct antibiotics and a higher likelihood of producing resistant strains than good treatment results. This makes bacterial DNA testing an essential tool for fighting gum disease in our office.

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