Dental Implant Options for Replacing Teeth in Brentwood, Franklin & Nashville

Dental Implant Options for Replacing Teeth Whether you need a single tooth or a full arch of teeth replaced, Dr. Primm will help you choose the best option to suit your individual needs.

Natural-looking and durable teeth replacement

Dr. Primm offers several implant options for replacing teeth that need extraction or are missing. He also can replace or stabilize your denture. He will conduct an in-depth examination, including digital X-rays and 3D X-rays as needed, and recommend which treatment options would best suit your situation and budget.

Replacing a single tooth

To replace a single tooth, Dr. Primm recommends an implant topped with a dental crown.

Replacing a single tooth

Replacing all teeth in an arch

Replacing multiple teeth in a row

If you have two or more adjacent teeth missing, Dr. Primm recommends replacing them with either individual implants or an implant-supported bridge. An implant-supported bridge reduces the number of implants that need to be placed, making it a more economical solution than one implant for every missing tooth.

Implant supported bridge

Removable, Snap-In implant dentures

The most affordable implant option for restoring a lower arch of teeth is a removable snap-in denture. Special implant attachments enable you to snap your denture in and out of place whenever needed. If you prefer to keep your existing denture, Dr. Primm can sometimes revamp it to snap onto dental implants.

Get new teeth in one day with All-on-4®!

For the ultimate in stability and nearly 100 percent natural chewing power, Dr. Primm provides full arches of permanently fixed-in new teeth with the revolutionary All-on-4 procedure. Click here for more information on All-on-4.

All on 4 Dental Implants