Gum Graft Surgery in Brentwood, Franklin & Nashville, TN

Gum Recession Treatment Dr. Primm’s treatment helps to both protect teeth and produce a more attractive smile.

Do you have receding gums?

Gum recession is the exposure of tooth roots caused by the loss of gum tissue and jawbone that supports your teeth. It leaves tooth roots susceptible to damage and decay, can cause tooth sensitivity and, in severe cases, can lead to tooth loss, as well as noticeably distract from your smile.

For 10 years, Dr. Primm has been using his own minimally invasive technique to successfully treat gum recession with long-lasting results. Using his Primm Tunnel Procedure, Dr. Primm effectively covers your exposed tooth roots, improving both your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile. Dr. Primm offers a comprehensive new patient consultation to review your treatment options.

Gum Grafts: How the Primm Tunnel Procedure works

Dr. Primm places grafting material into a small hole he makes in your gum. He tunnels this material under and through the gum to establish thick, tough new tissue that covers your exposed roots.

There are instances where Dr. Primm can use donor material instead of having to take tissue from the roof of your mouth, which allows for quick healing and minimal discomfort. Because of this, most patients return to their normal routines a day after their procedure.

Benefits of Gum Recession Treatment

In addition to improved aesthetics, having gums that properly cover the roots of your teeth is very important for your dental health. The roots of your teeth are softer and more sensitive to damage and decay than your harder, more durable tooth enamel. Proper root coverage not only protects your roots but provides needed structural support for your teeth as well. Call our office to learn more about gum recession treatment and/or gum grafting.