Dental Implant Photo Gallery

Single Tooth Implant

This patient was missing one tooth. An implant and a cosmetic, tooth colored abutment was placed by one of our periodontists, and a final tooth placed by this patient’s dentist. Can you tell which tooth is the implant?

Permanent Fixed Dentures

Missing many teeth in one area? This patient came to us with 10 upper front teeth missing. His back teeth remained in great shape. Now he doesn’t have to wear a removable appliance. His teeth are fixed and are only removed when we see him once a year for maintenance!


This gentleman came to us wanting to be denture free. Missing his entire row of upper Teeth, one of our periodontists gave him a new set of fixed denture teeth. This patient no longer has to deal with the troubles of dentures, and can now smile with confidence!

Missing all of your teeth?

Joanne came in after wearing dentures for over 20 years! She could barely remember not wearing dentures, but she knew she didn’t want them any longer! She had a life to live without all of the inconveniences of dentures! She had six implants placed on the upper arch and four on the lower arch and left our office with permanent teeth that she would never take out again. New she can eat, speak and laugh with confidence!

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