New Dentures? 5 Tips to Help You Adjust Faster

New Dentures? 5 Tips to Help You Adjust Faster

Dentures can be an affordable solution for men and women missing one or more teeth due to decay, gum disease or trauma, and in recent years as the baby boomers have begun to reach their senior years, the demand for affordable dentures has soared. In fact, the American College of Prosthodontists says at least 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth and 35 million people  have lost all their teeth. Among seniors, about 23 million are missing all their teeth, and 12 million are missing either all their upper teeth or all their lower teeth.

Losing one’s natural teeth is never a pleasant thought, but the good news is, traditional dentures are not the only solution available. The Advanced Institute for Oral Health offers many denture alternatives, like permanent and same day dentures. These solutions are more comfortable and natural-looking than ever, which means men and women who opt for dentures can feel more confident in their appearance and in the way their teeth “work.”

Adjusting to traditional dentures takes some time, but with a few simple techniques, the adjustment period can be pretty quick. If you’re considering traditional dentures, here’s what you can do to “get comfortable” as quickly as possible:

  • One of the biggest concerns among new denture wearers is how to eat with new dentures, especially in public, and it’s true – getting used to the way the teeth and supports feel against the gums and palate does take some practice. One of the keys to ensuring you feel comfortable eating with dentures is to make sure your dentures are properly adjusted so they fit snugly but comfortably. Dentures that are loose are more likely to slip, even with adhesives. Before going out to eat, practice eating a variety of foods at home to become comfortable with the way the dentures feel while biting and chewing. If you notice slippage, call the office right away and ask about an adjustment.
  • Like eating, speaking while wearing dentures is another major concern. And, just like eating, the key to learning how to speak while wearing dentures is to practice, practice, practice. To adjust more quickly, try reading a book out loud until you become used to the way dentures feel while you’re speaking.
  • If you’re wondering how to take care of dentures, it’s actually pretty easy: Dentures require regular cleaning to remove film and food, but vigorous brushing isn’t necessary (and often not recommended). It’s also very important to clean your gums and mouth to prevent sores and other problems. Even if you have no natural teeth remaining, you should continue to see the dentist regularly so your dentures can be adjusted and your gums and other soft tissues can be evaluated.
  • It’s also important to wear your dentures for as long as you’re supposed to during the breaking-in period. Wearing dentures for longer periods of time may seem like a good way to become comfortable more quickly, but in fact, you can wind up developing sore spots that can even develop into serious infections, both issues that can wind up delaying your adjustment time.
  • Finally, if you’re having difficulty wearing your dentures – if they slip, if they’re creating sore spots or if they just “don’t feel right,” don’t hesitate to call the office for an adjustment. It’s very common for new denture wearers to feel their new dentures are protruding or their teeth are too large; in most cases, these perceptions resolve once the breaking-in period is complete. But if your dentures are causing pain or they just won’t “stay put,” an adjustment may be in order.

Learning how to wear traditional dentures takes time and practice, but even without these tips to “speed up” the adjustment period, most people feel comfortable with their dentures with regular wear.

If you’re interested in learning more about modern denture alternatives like dental implants, same day dentures, and permanent dentures, we can help. Call the Advanced Institute for Oral Health at 615-370-9486 to schedule an appointment today and let us help you feel more comfortable and more confident.