Implant Technology

In Office Cat Scan

Periodontist CAT-ScanWe now offer the Imaging Sciences i-CAT 3-D imaging technology to patients. The i-CAT gives us the most complete information on the anatomy of a patient’s mouth, face and jaw areas, which leads to the most accurate treatment and predictable outcomes for our patients’ procedures.

Our patients will benefit from the most advanced 3-D dental imaging technology. We use is as a standard part of our full scope of implant and periodontal diagnostics as well as an imaging source for doctors in the surrounding area.

The i-CAT has become the leader in Cone Beam 3-D images by producing more thorough three-dimensional views of all oral and maxillofacial structures. Patients remain seated in an ‘open environment scan’, which increases patient comfort and captures the natural orientation of anatomy. The data is transferred to a computer, typically within minutes, and displayed on an intuitive 3-D mapping tool that allows Dr. Primm and his assistants to easily format and select desired ‘slices’ for immediate viewing. The i-CAT system exposes patient to considerably less radiation than traditional Fan Beam Computed tomography systems, as much 30 times less exposure!



Dental Implants XrayMy original plans were to acquire an i-CAT strictly for use with my guided implant procedures, but I have been exceedingly astonished at its significance as a diagnostic tool in virtually every dental capacity by use of its true 3-D data and superb anatomical accuracy. This invaluable tool has already enhanced my treatment planning ability providing a level of detail and exploratory data unheard of even in the best of digital panoramic x-rays.” – Dr. Jason Primm.

“It’s extremely gratifying to know that Dr. Jason Primm is using our 3-D imaging technology to benefit both their patients and their practice,” says Ed Marandola, President and CEO of Imaging Sciences. “The i-CAT provides their practice with more accurate anatomical information than they could possibly capture with X-ray films or traditional scans, without having to inconvenience patients by sending them out to a hospital for CT scans. Now Dr. Jason Primm can increase their patients’ comfort by sharing their 3-D digital images to explain diagnoses, treatments, and expected outcomes, in one convenient visit. No other in-office X-ray imaging system comes close to the i-CAT.”


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